“I am currently making weekly visits to Apex. I feel the doctor is truly involved and concerned that his business is run properly and his patients are pleased with the service they are receiving. Top-notch operation with all the necessary equipment to you get you on the road to recovery. I highly recommend you try them if you’re in need of PT.”

Margie D.

“Awesome Team! Only office in Sugar Land that I could find that is open on Saturdays and has a pool! I Have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and my doctor recommended Aquatic rehab. Found Apex on Google – 5 mins from my house!”

Ashley C.

“I really and truly enjoy coming to Apex. The staff is great and very, very experienced and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility for all of your rehab needs!”

Mudd B.

“I recently had a Meniscus repair and ACL surgery done in October of 2013. My friends suggested to have therapy at this facility and it is great! The staff is cooperative and answers all questions that you have for them. The facility is very well organized. The flexible time schedules allow you to make adjustments if needed. The therapist really help you improve from your injury. I hope to be my normal self and start to play soccer again! All in all, the facility is a great place to go and I recommend it to everyone!”

Y. Ballinas

“I was at Apex for nearly 3 months, and I enjoyed it more than any other clinic I’ve been to (and I’ve been to more clinics than I can count). What really separates Apex apart, other than the broad area of expertise, is the atmosphere. I was always greeted with a ‘good morning’ and a smile all the way from the front office to the gym. The combined effort of all the men and women working there really made me want to work that much harder. I couldn’t recommend this place more!”

S. Combs

“My friends told me that after my neck surgery that this was the place to go, my friends gave me the best advice! The staff is very patient and answers any questions I have and are very professional. I love the aquatic therapy and they even took my type of insurance. I would recommend this place to anyone and come back if I need to. Quality of care is excellent!”

B. Daily

“I came in for help after a 3 level cervical neck fusion that left me suffering with burning shoulder pain. I received targeted exercises and great personal care that help me get through this. I highly recommend APEX and will used them again if I need them.”

J. Dusek

“I have been to Apex 4 times during the course of 6 years. I was originally involved in a work related accident and was referred to Apex by a friend who had also had treatment at Apex. Since my initial injury I have injured my back, shoulder, knee, and wrist. I have to say each time I have gone they were OUTSTANDING! Dr. Kazemi and his team take the time to explain your symptoms and what you can do to improve your condition. Apex staff are great motivators even on the days were I would have preferred being in bed and not moving. My initial consultations have always been scheduled within 24 hrs if not on the same day. The front desk is very helpful with scheduling my appointments and I am extremely happy to be able to schedule my therapy after work and on Saturdays. I especially loved the days when there was free cookies! Apex is my GO TO therapy facility and I will recommend you all to my friends and family.”

O. Rivera

“I really liked coming here. I do not live that close, but was recommended by a friend because she thought the Physical Therapist was great. The Physical Therapist took so much time with me to really see what the problem was and the best treatment for it. Four weeks later and I feel really good. Would recommend to anyone.”

“I am tremendously grateful and truly motivated by APEX. In 2012 I attended another facility and was not happy. When I had my first evaluation at APEX, I saw that it offered more than I could imagine. I was very impressed with the staff and their approach in evaluating my problems and therapy to improve my physical well being. You have definitely gained a client who will refer all her friends to APEX. Very thankful.”

C. Sergant

“The staff at APEX keeps their appointment times and we always start as scheduled. This is very important to me since I go to work right after my session. Dr. Ryan and his staff are friendly and genuinely concerned with getting you where you need to be.”

R. Ayer

“I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at APEX, rehabbing my left knee replacement. They are excellent therapists, but just as important their personalities make the painful rehab process very pleasant. I recommend APEX to anyone needing physical therapy.”

D. Wheless

“APEX is a very clean facility, and the therapists make the work fun. I have been to two other PT’s and they were never as attentive to their clients as Dr. Ryan and his staff. I feel safe in their hands. The front desk always kept our appointments running on time, and always very pleasant on the phone. Thank you.”

C. Cohen

“I have been coming to APEX since October 2012. I had a tough injury to my shoulder and Dr. K and his staff always supportive in my therapy and really help with my recovery. It has been a long hard road, but we make progress and it helps to have such professionals taking care of me. I came here for the convenient late hours, but now I would never leave to any place else. Thank you.”