Our Bellaire office is moving to West University on June 30, 2020

"We are proud to partner with OakBend Medical Center!"

Fitness Training / Post Rehab Transition

Post Rehabilitation/Medical Exercise Program

Apex & RG Wellness offers a post rehabilitation/medical exercise program to provide an appropriate setting after completion of a patient's rehabilitation or for those with special medical issues. RG Wellness has actively developed and implemented a post-rehab/medical exercise program within the Apex clinics. This program is useful for individuals that have special medical conditions and/or have completed physical therapy yet need a bridge program; to prepare and condition themselves for sports or other recreational activities. This program is also appropriate for those who like to get back to working out but prefer to initially be guided by professionals; familiar with their injury. Certain health condition requires special care which will require the extra knowledge and attention that RG wellness can provide.

Personal Training

Apex and RG Wellness offer a one-on-one and group fitness private sessions to educate, coach, and motivate a client to reach their fitness goals. Each session is designed to meet the specific goal for each client but also to teach proper body mechanics, appropriate techniques, injury prevention, and guidance for effective workouts. This program is appropriate for those with no recent musculoskeletal injuries/surgeries or special medical conditions.

Aquatic therapy will be available at the end of June 30, 2020 as we install a new/state of the art pool at our Sugar Land location!