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"Sugar Land has a friendly, professional and hardworking staff. I worked directly with Dr Shijo Nirappil and Tiffany, both are very kind and professional and knowledgeable, spending time to help me work the exercises in their office and explain the exercises I work at home. Thanks to both and Hilda for making the visits pleasant"
Mar 06, 2019
"Good people"
Jan 25, 2019
"The Sugar Land location has a great and hardworking staff, especially Ms. Tiffany L. She is extremely knowledgeable in her job. Thanks to her, I have gotten a good night's rest for the first time in a long time. "
Jan 23, 2019
"I have had shoulder pain for many years. I was told many years ago I had tendonitis of the rotator cuff, needed surgery. Recently my Dr. suggested PT. I told him I would do it, but had zero confidence in it. Well, I am here to say it is working and I believe today I will not need surgery. Thanks to Ruben at the Katy center my mobility has increased by about 80%. I still have pain but nowhere to the extent when I started PT. I am looking forward to the strength PT to come."
Jan 07, 2019
"The physical theraphy services l have received at APEX have been excellent from the office staff to the therapist. They have been very accommodating I adjust to my new norm."
Dec 19, 2018
"I really appreciate all the staff at Apex, they helped me a lot with my knee rehab, the facility is very clean. I appreciate so much and definitely recommend Apex."
Dec 18, 2018
"The staff at the Sugar Land location is exceptional. They have provided me with a plan that alleviates my back pain and will regular visits I hope to be in running shape in the near future. They are always very helpful with making sure proper form is being used, ensuring speedy recovery. They always offer icing at the end of my sessions which helps a lot. Scheduling is always a plus because I can schedule appointments in the evening after work."
Dec 10, 2018
"Hello all staff are great dr joe he is very good therapist I already talk and post in my Islamic mosque We have 140 mosque in houston I send to all the mosque About apex therapy good work u will get more patient installation dr joe need raise he Know what todo "
Dec 10, 2018
"I am pleased with the progress therapy had provided."
Dec 10, 2018
"I liked the place and the way physiotherapy is performed. They give very personal attention to the patient and each exercise is well checked And done in very right manner."
Dec 07, 2018
"This is my second time here. They work wonders."
Dec 03, 2018
"I was not able to move my arm without it cracking. I had pain from my shoulder to my finger tips. You not only have to learn how to work with your body, but also your mind. These therapists give a home exercise program and you learn how to take care of yourself at home as well. I had great care and I recommend it to anyone needing therapy."
Nov 30, 2018
"Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The PT's and assistants pushed me through the exercises at my best pace and helped me work through my condition. "
Nov 09, 2018
"Great staff great doctor :)"
Nov 08, 2018
"Thorough, engaging and knowledgeable. They took time to explain and went over the various procedures and exercises to ensure that I was comfortable with them. A real pleasure to be with them and Im feeling much better with the after surgery rehab treatment Apex "
Nov 05, 2018
"Dr. Kazemu was so outgoing and fun, that he made exercising (which I normally dislike doing) enjoyable! "
Nov 05, 2018
"I found apex on google and am so happy with the results. They helped my son with balance problems . They are the best in houston."
Nov 05, 2018
""I am very pleased with the results of the professional physical therapy I have received during the past 2 months at the apex clinic. I would not hesitate to use this office again, should therapy be recommended in the future. ""
Nov 05, 2018
"I had a very good experience here. I enjoyed my therapy. The staff who worked with me were excellent. I give a good recommendation of this facility to others. Thank you. Sally"
Nov 01, 2018
"My sessions are going well. The young lady that is working with me is very good and I really knowledgeable of what she is doing. Hopefully, this will help with my pain and prevent me from having to have surgery."
Oct 31, 2018
"Dr. Kazemi treated me for a strained shoulder. I had injured my right shoulder and it got so bad that I couldn't lift my arm at all. Apex team was great helping my shoulder get to pain-free, strengthening my shoulder and explaining what was going on with it. They did a great job getting me on an exercise plan to keep my shoulder healthy. "
Oct 19, 2018
"Great facility, great practitioners. Dr. Kazemi did a fabulous job with rehabilitating my wrist after surgery. I found Apex PT on google and am so glad I did because it was reasonably priced with all the best tools and qualified therapists. "
Oct 19, 2018
"Very polite and an environment that makes me feel comfortable and calm. Been going for a couple of weeks now and highly recommend."
Oct 17, 2018
"Very respectful, kind and courteous group of people. The treatment has been helping me a whole lot. "
Oct 17, 2018
"Everybody is helpful everyday. They are always eager to help and always in a good mood."
Oct 05, 2018
" My experience at Apex Physical Therapy Sugarland was pleasant and professional. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The staff was also diligent about keeping the facility clean and hygienic. I was also always greeted with a friendly smile at the front desk. "
Oct 05, 2018
"Very satisfied with my physical therapy. I enjoy the staff nice and help me with my right knee pain."
Sep 27, 2018
"Great service and people"
Aug 29, 2018
"The treatment my son has received has been superb. Dr. Joe is very accommodating to michaels needs. He is a special needs person,noncommunicative. Dr joe explains the treatment and demos the steps so we can attempt at home."
Aug 29, 2018
"Great servise, after a month of physiotheraphy, I have seen good improvement on my knees. I will highly recommend Apex to people."
Aug 29, 2018
"Good environment , helpful staff , no complaints "
Aug 29, 2018
"Just the best :)"
Jun 01, 2018
"I really improved a lot with the therapies. A pleasant place to come. "
May 30, 2018
"Very good rehab center. I’ve been there many times for different injuries and every time I was taken care of very well and I love it there!"
May 30, 2018
"A1! I recommend this facility. Great people! "
May 30, 2018
"Everyone was very helpful and friendly! I enjoyed my time at Apex and my knees feel stronger and have less pain."
May 21, 2018
"The evaluation and rehabilitation program has helped tremendously. This was the second time I have used them and was pleased both times. They are polite and professional in all they do. Have used them for both shoulder and knee problems and would use them in the future if needed."
May 21, 2018
"Everyone was very nice and really listened to my concerns. "
May 17, 2018
"The staff was very nice and kind, and the atmosphere was very relaxing. They scheduled me for my time frame and went up and down to make sure everything works for me. Plus doctors are awesome, I feel very good and therapy never worked out better on me."
May 03, 2018
"I was very impressed with the clinic and the knowledge of my physical therapist. I have been doing the exercises he prescribed and my pain has been reduced significantly. The clinic locations are also very convenient."
May 03, 2018

  • “I am currently making weekly visits to Apex. I feel the doctor is truly involved and concerned that his business is run properly and his patients are pleased with the service they are receiving. Top-notch operation with all the necessary equipment to you get you on the road to recovery. I highly recommend you try them if you’re in need of PT.”

    Margie D.

  • “Awesome Team! Only office in Sugar Land that I could find that is open on Saturdays and has a pool! I Have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and my doctor recommended Aquatic rehab. Found Apex on Google – 5 mins from my house!”

    Ashley C.

  • “I really and truly enjoy coming to Apex. The staff is great and very, very experienced and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility for all of your rehab needs!”

    Mudd B.

  • “I recently had a Meniscus repair and ACL surgery done in October of 2013. My friends suggested to have therapy at this facility and it is great! The staff is cooperative and answers all questions that you have for them. The facility is very well organized. The flexible time schedules allow you to make adjustments if needed. The therapist really help you improve from your injury. I hope to be my normal self and start to play soccer again! All in all, the facility is a great place to go and I recommend it to everyone!”

    Y. Ballinas

  • “I was at Apex for nearly 3 months, and I enjoyed it more than any other clinic I’ve been to (and I’ve been to more clinics than I can count). What really separates Apex apart, other than the broad area of expertise, is the atmosphere. I was always greeted with a ‘good morning’ and a smile all the way from the front office to the gym. The combined effort of all the men and women working there really made me want to work that much harder. I couldn’t recommend this place more!”

    S. Combs

  • “My friends told me that after my neck surgery that this was the place to go, my friends gave me the best advice! The staff is very patient and answers any questions I have and are very professional. I love the aquatic therapy and they even took my type of insurance. I would recommend this place to anyone and come back if I need to. Quality of care is excellent!”

    B. Daily

  • “I came in for help after a 3 level cervical neck fusion that left me suffering with burning shoulder pain. I received targeted exercises and great personal care that help me get through this. I highly recommend APEX and will used them again if I need them.”

    J. Dusek

  • “I have been to Apex 4 times during the course of 6 years. I was originally involved in a work related accident and was referred to Apex by a friend who had also had treatment at Apex. Since my initial injury I have injured my back, shoulder, knee, and wrist. I have to say each time I have gone they were OUTSTANDING! Dr. Kazemi and his team take the time to explain your symptoms and what you can do to improve your condition. Apex staff are great motivators even on the days were I would have preferred being in bed and not moving. My initial consultations have always been scheduled within 24 hrs if not on the same day. The front desk is very helpful with scheduling my appointments and I am extremely happy to be able to schedule my therapy after work and on Saturdays. I especially loved the days when there was free cookies! Apex is my GO TO therapy facility and I will recommend you all to my friends and family.”

    O. Rivera

  • “I really liked coming here. I do not live that close, but was recommended by a friend because she thought the Physical Therapist was great. The Physical Therapist took so much time with me to really see what the problem was and the best treatment for it. Four weeks later and I feel really good. Would recommend to anyone.”

  • “I am tremendously grateful and truly motivated by APEX. In 2012 I attended another facility and was not happy. When I had my first evaluation at APEX, I saw that it offered more than I could imagine. I was very impressed with the staff and their approach in evaluating my problems and therapy to improve my physical well being. You have definitely gained a client who will refer all her friends to APEX. Very thankful.”

    C. Sergant

  • “The staff at APEX keeps their appointment times and we always start as scheduled. This is very important to me since I go to work right after my session. Dr. Ryan and his staff are friendly and genuinely concerned with getting you where you need to be.”

    R. Ayer

  • “I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at APEX, rehabbing my left knee replacement. They are excellent therapists, but just as important their personalities make the painful rehab process very pleasant. I recommend APEX to anyone needing physical therapy.”

    D. Wheless

  • “APEX is a very clean facility, and the therapists make the work fun. I have been to two other PT’s and they were never as attentive to their clients as Dr. Ryan and his staff. I feel safe in their hands. The front desk always kept our appointments running on time, and always very pleasant on the phone. Thank you.”

    C. Cohen

  • “I have been coming to APEX since October 2012. I had a tough injury to my shoulder and Dr. K and his staff always supportive in my therapy and really help with my recovery. It has been a long hard road, but we make progress and it helps to have such professionals taking care of me. I came here for the convenient late hours, but now I would never leave to any place else. Thank you.”